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About Mexpro® is the leading provider of Mexico Car Insurance. We believe that consumers and our distributors should use a very high standard of care when they purchase Mexican insurance for their car, especially via online operations like ours.

Behind our website, you will find a true brick and mortar operation with over 15 employees, national licensing, and a customer service team that is unrivaled in the industry. After all, at the end of the day it is not our Mexico insurance online website that provides the service you will need in the event of a coverage dispute or in understanding your is our people who will provide this service. We invite you to meet our team of Mexico Insurance professionals.

Our History

Since 1999, via its extensive distribution network, Mexpro provides quality Mexico Car Insurance to over 100,000 visitors to Mexico each year.

Our Partner Companies

Mexpro carefully chooses which Mexico insurance companies will be our partners and provide coverage to our customers and distributors for your Mexico trip. At this time, we believe that the following three Mexico Insurance companies: GNP, ABA, and ACE Seguros, provide the most competitive choices in coverage, pricing, underwriting, and most importantly, financial stability.

The Advantages of Multiple Insurance Company Options

By offering coverage from several insurance companies, our customers and distributors are rest assured that Mexpro will always be able to offer the best Mexico car insurance.

Purchase Protection - Licensing and Regulatory Issues

We are licensed in every state. When customers and distributors purchase Mexico insurance coverage from us, they have the peace of mind and added protection of obtaining insurance from an operation that is licensed in their home state. If you are considering working with another provider, we strongly encourage you to check their licensing status in your home state.

Technology and Customer Service

Our technological innovations are created and managed in-house via staff programmers and web designers. We strive to continually remain on the cutting edge of technology and, with the help of our customers and distributors. It is our goal to maintain our position as the market leader in Mexico car insurance coverage, pricing and technological innovation.

Our Insurance Specialties

We specialize in more than simply car insurance for your Mexico trip. Some of our other products include Mexico home and condo insurance, jet ski and watercraft liability insurance, International & Mexico medical insurance, and commercial insurance in Mexico. We also provide short-term US auto insurance for vehicles traveling from Mexico into the USA, and USA specialty coverage for RVs and travel trailers.

We Are Committed to Serving You for the Long Run

Our staff of more than 15 insurance experts ensures that we provide the highest level of service to our customers and distributors.

Insurance Program Details:

At, we pride ourselves on the fact that we work only with Mexico's top auto insurance companies. These insurers are the largest, most professional insurance companies in Mexico. Our prices are competitive, our coverage is the best available in Mexico, and we will ensure that your claim is professionally handled.

Our firm has a wealth of experience in the insurance industry, including working with Mexico insurers, US tourists visiting Mexico, US and Canadian companies with Mexico operations, and domestic USA Specialty insurance coverage.

In addition to our expertise in the Mexico insurance market, our staff handles US Personal insurance. Members of our staff carry numerous professional designations including CIC, CISR, and some are former employees of the world's largest companies and brokerages. We pride ourselves in providing professional and personal service. Please feel free to discuss with us your other insurance needs, in addition to car insurance for your Mexico trip.

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